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Create checklists for your employees. Runbooks keeps track of who did what and when. Get a complete picture right from your phone.

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Delegate without micro-managing

Quickly create online guides for your most important tasks. Each guide can have images, tables, and all the fancy formatting you need to be sure everything is perfectly clear.

Speed up on-boarding new people

Your detailed guides—easily accessible to your whole team—allow newcomers to rapidly start being productive without sapping time from you and the rest of the team.

Streamline handoffs on your team

Team members are automatically notified when it's their turn, and can easily see all the tasks on their plate at all times. Say goodbye to dropped balls and accidental delays.

Feel confident when you're not there

Runbooks provides a dashboard and email notifications so you always know what's going on, even when you're not in the building. Leave work at work and really relax.

Constant improvement made easy

A written runbook encourages repeatability. Once your people can repeat a runbook reliably, you can fine-tune it to drive out inefficiencies and waste.

How does it work?

the template

1. Write a runbook

A runbook is a step-by-step guide. Think of it as the template for a super-charged checklist with images, tables, and everything else you need to make your instructions perfectly clear.

the checklist

2. Start a runlog

If the runbook is the template, the runlog is the checklist it creates. Except, it does a lot more than just a regular checklist:

  • full details from the runbook on each step
  • assign steps to different team members
  • get notifications as steps are completed
  • team members are notified when its their turn
  • assign due dates to any step

That's it.

No complicated setup. Nothing to install. No tutorials required. 

You'll be writing your first runbook in less than a minute.

Free tutorials on writing runbooks
Runbooks is more than just a website. We routinely publish advice on how to write better runbooks and improve how your small business operates. These are just a few samples.

The Runbooks Manifesto

This is the Runbooks Manifesto: the reason why I built Runbooks. After years of struggling with wikis and word docs instead of a proper solution for my team's documentation, I went out and built my own solution. I'm convinced that every person or team which is seriously interested in improving should be using a checklist or runbook. If you are having trouble justifying the time to write such documents, or are having trouble convincing others, read on...

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When Should I Make a Runbook?

You've finally decided your team really needs to start writing down how they do different things. Maybe someone left the team, and there was a frantic rush to transfer knowledge. Maybe you've gotten fed up with having one too many costly mistakes in some complicated process. Whatever the reason, you're determined that things are going to be different next time, and that means writing things down. But, where do you start?

For describing step-by-step processes, there's nothing quite so ideal as a runbook. They are a kind of checklist which provides clear, precise instructions for experts while simultaneously providing...

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Starting a Runbook from Scratch

Starting with a blank page can be daunting. Fortunately, when writing a runbook, you have a head start: the actual process you want to document. Chances are, you already know how to do that process rather well, and doing the same thing you always do is a great way to begin writing the runbook.

This guide describes multiple levels of refinement when writing a runbook. You can stop at any level and still have a useful product. In fact...

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Everyone loves to hate the word “process”. More process makes things slow. More process means more red tape. And, the only thing worse than the process itself... is documenting it.

Runbooks aims to fix that.

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My name is Andrew Miner, and I’m the author of Runbooks. I've spent over 20 years writing software and running software teams. In that time, I've written and used more runbooks than I can count.

This is the runbooks tool I always wished I had.